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Aakash Tablet PC Configuration, Availability, Price and Technical Specifications

India has launched the world's cheapest tablet PC 'Aakash'. The brand new PC costs about Rs 2276. The Aakash tablet PC was launched by Minister for Human Resources Development and Communication and Information Technology, Kapil Sibal on Wednesday, 6th October 2011. The Aakash PC will be available for students at nearly 50 percent subsidized price of Rs. 1100 - 1200. The Aakash PC is expected to be available with $10 additional price in the retail stores. The PC is targeted to expand education through information technology in India. The Aakash PC will be provided to students studying in class nine onward and up to class XII as part of the 12th Five year plan. The original prototype of the PC was named as 'Sakshat' (Embodimet). The PC was manufactured by UK-based company DataWind. The Aakash will be assembled at DataWind's new production centre located at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

The tablet PC, named as Aakash (Sky) will cost to the government about Rs 2276. The Government has decided to offer it to the students after subsidizing the price by up to 50 percent of the cost. The Government will provide the PC to institutes at around Rs. 1200. The PC Aakash is a 7-inch touchscreen device and user friendly. The price includes all the additional costs such as taxes and transportation. Not satisfied with this innovation, the Government is also contemplating to bringing down the cost of similar PC device to as low as $10 (around Rs 500).

The Aakash tablet PC will be made available in the educational institutions in metro cities such as Hyderabad, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata etc. along with gradual reach to other cities and towns. The Government will soon start distributing the PC to the students studying at central and technical institutions. The Aakash has been developed as part of the National Mission on Education programme of the Govt. of India. Following are the technical specifications and configuration of Aakash Tablet PC:

1) Name of the tablet PC: Aakash
2) Screen measurement: 7-inch touch screen
3) Operating System: Google's Andorid 2.2 operating system
4) Processor: 366 Mhz processor
5) RAM: 256 MB RAM
6) Storage: 2GB Flash internal storage capacity (It can can support data storage of up to 32 GB through on an external disk)
7) Battery back up: 180 minutes.
8) Manufacturers: DataWind (United Kingdom)

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59 thoughts on “Aakash Tablet PC Configuration, Availability, Price and Technical Specifications

  1. Aravindh

    This will be useful and is worth for the price they have fixed. But it will be a slower one because it has only 366 mhz processor while the smartrinods have 1.2 ghz processors

  2. Bhaskar G

    Akash Tab. PC should be sold in open market for interested private school students.
    Sales centers in Hyderabad pls. ?


    Hello Friends,
    I am a school student of fifth class and interested for Akash Tab. Where I can get it this Indian super tab. PC

  4. Girish

    Hi, My name is Girish. I am a student So, i want to Akash Tablet PC for best price, So please suggest me where i can get this PC.

    1. admin

      Not yet, Aakash Table PCs are initially meant for students. It may take some more time to get it public for all users.

  5. anurag ohlan

    I saw add of akash tablet . and i like it
    I want to know information about it , and i wants to know about the process of avail this technology with normal process and discount offer which launched for the studant.

  6. deepakchand

    i want a aakash tablet pc around Rs:3000/-
    but i dont know how to buy.
    i am in thirupati,chitoor(Dist), andrapradesh ,india.
    it is a nice one to using students.

  7. Gnaneswar Rao

    We are diploma students.
    Please let me know that cash can be paid on delivery. we need 4pieces.
    Please mail me.

  8. Rakesh Miskin

    Gud configuration
    can I know the purchasing details of the tablet(akash)?
    Will u plzzz clear my doubts?
    Is it available only to students or everyone?
    Please upload the details as soon as possible. Hope to be fastest.

  9. sk.faizan ahmed

    i am a student , reading in class 10 and i want to buy tablet pc .
    can u send me the exact price and address of tab pc where i can buy this and i live in kolkata.

  10. Naresh

    it is very useful for every student who completed 10 th class. And it is mostly useful for technical and science students . So it is useful to start with them

  11. Sravs

    Can any1 tel me the showrums in hyderabad 4 akash tablet pc,al of us askng 4 details bt no one respondng den wats d use of postng comment???

    1. admin

      You need to purchase it through booking online. The Government is providing it for selective educational institutions only. It is yet to come to open market in a big way.

  12. Dr. K. P. Srivastava

    It is a good initiative. But the PC configuration should be more rich within the reasonable cost, atleast for students.

  13. suneel

    i am a student , reading in class mba and i want to buy tablet pc .
    can u send me the exact price and address of akash, android 2.3. where i can buy this and i live in hyderabad

  14. firoj

    i thinks this table is not sufficient for student Bcoz
    processor is very low
    camera is low version
    battery backup normal
    we cont use external device for access internet
    touch is not smooth its very hard


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