Polavaram Project Only After 160 Years

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Polavaram Project Only After 160 Years

The Union Government of India has allotted Rs. 100 crore for the Polavaram project of Andhra Pradesh, in its budget 2015-16. Polavaram Project was considered as lifeline of the residuary state of AP at the time of AP Reorganisation. The project cost was estimated at more than Rs. 16000 crore as per the approvals sent to the Planning Commission by the previous UPA Government. Just try to calculate...

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Union Budget 2015 - 16 Highlights

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Union Minister for finance, Arun Jaitley has presented the Union Budget for the financial year 2015 - 16. There are so many expectations on the budget as the Prime minister himself is branded as reform oriented and following are highlights of the union budget 2015 - 16. There were expectations on the tax soaps being given for the salaried class. The limit on the savings is likely to be increase...

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India Railway Budget Highlights 2015 - 16

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Railway Minister of India, Suresh Prabhu has presented the Railway Budget for the financial year 2015-16. This is his first railway budget and there are expectations on major reforms in Indian Railways. The most striking feature of the budget is that there is no hike in passenger fares of any class. The minister has outlined a budget of Rs. 8 lakh crores for the coming five years. Following are hi...

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Telangana Tourism Packages and Online Booking

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The Government of Telangana has launched a separate website for Telangana Tourism (www dot telanganatourism dot gov dot in) . This is a full fledged website which offers details of various tourist destinations, tour packages, staying, hotels and other customised services. Following are mode tails of Telangana Tourism. Most important and attractive feature of the website is live chat support on ...

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Telangana is Second Richest State in India

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It is official. Telangana state has become the second most rich state in India after Karnataka. The revenue estimates of the 14th finance commission are to be believed, Telangana has achieved huge revenue surpluses thanks to the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. The finance commission has estimated revenue surpluses of Rs. 1,16,000 in Telangana in the coming five years. At the same time the Andhr...

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It is advantage Andhra Pradesh

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It is advantage AP. The finance commission headed by Y.V.Reddy has showered good amount of funds for the new state of Andhra Pradesh. At the same time the finance minister Arun Jaitley has showed empty hand to the 29th state of India, Telangana. The finance commission has asked the union government to sanction Rs 1.67 crore funds to Andhra Pradesh. The state has been included in the list of st...

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Special Status to become key issue in AP politics

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The Special Status issue is likely to haunt parties in power in the state of Andhra Pradesh. All the parties are sharpening their stand on the issue and trying to get political mileage out of it. The proposed letter by the Congress president Sonia Gandhi to prime minister Narendra Modi and Pawan Kalyan's tweets on the issue have sparked the issue into the limelight. The ruling BJP has been ...

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Obama Helicopter Cabins to be Made in Hyderabad

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Here comes another credential for Telangana state. The US President Barack Obama is all set to fly in a helicopter whose cabin is being made in Hyderabad, Telangana state. The security department of US President has decided to remake the chopper crew afresh. It has ordered S-92 chopper cabins to TATA aero systems. TATA aero systems has the chopper cabin manufacturing facility at Adibhatla in H...

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ICC World Cup Cricket 2015 Points Table for Group A and Group B Teams

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The ICC World Cup Cricket is in progress. The Ireland has surprised the game lovers through defeating West Indies in the league match. Ireland chased the huge target of 307 in 45+ overs. There may be more shocks in store. Here is the points table of various teams and groups. Out of the 7 teams in each group, chances of reaching knock out stage for top four teams will be bright and who knows, they ...

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IPL 8 Auction of Cricket Players and Their Price - 2015

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IPL 8 Auction of Cricket Players and Their Price - 2015

The IPL 8th Edition is on the cards. The auction of players have been completed on 16th February 2015. A total 67 players from 23 countries have been auctioned and Rs. 86.8 crore was spent on the players by the 8 franchises. The highest bid was for Yuvraj Singh at Rs.16 crores as the Delhi Daredevils signed him up for the latest season. Other players who were sold out for decent money are Dines...

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APCBS Crop and Gold Loan Waiver Second List by March 2015

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The Government of Andhra Pradesh is gearing up to implement the second phase of Agriculture and Gold Loan Waiver scheme. The list of farmer beneficiaries under this scheme is being prepared by National Informatics Center after due approvals from the AP Government. The list will be ready in a few days and will be displayed on APCBS Loan Status portal. Know Your Crop and Gold Loan Status in AP ...

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AAP Cabinet Ministers and Portfolios in New Delhi - 2015

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The APP has formed Government in New Delhi and Arvind Kejriwal assumed charge as 8th Chief Minister of Delhi. Kejriwalk has allotted portfolios for his cabinet colleagues. Manish Sisodia has been appointed as Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi. The Delhi cabinet set a record as the youngest cabinet in the country. Following are the portfolios of new cabinet in Delhi: 1) Arvind Kejriwal: Chief Mini...

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ICC World Cup Cricket Schedule 2015 and India Matches

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ICC World Cup Cricket Schedule 2015 and India Matches

Here we are giving ICC World Cup Cricket 2015 Match Schedule for entire tournament. The tournament starts on 14th February and ends on 29th March 2015 with final. The India team matches falls on the following dates with respective group teams. 15 February : India Vs Pakistan 22 February: India Vs South Africa 28 February: India Vs UAE 6 March: India Vs West Indies 10 March: India Vs Ireland...

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World Cup Cricket 2015 Live Streaming of India Vs Pakistan Match

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Though it is Sunday on the big Cricket Day for the sport lovers in India and Pakistan, so many people may not avail the TV and like to watch the match on their mobile / cell phone, iPad and so on. You can still watch the match if you are stuck at office or on some work on the day of India vs Pakistan match on 2015 February 15. Here are the details of live streaming, live updates and websites and a...

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New Cabinet in Delhi - Ministers of AAP Government 2015

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The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which set a record win in New Delhi Assembly elections 2015, has announced the new cabinet to be sworn in on 14th February 2015. The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung received a list of six persons who may take oath with along with Arvind Kejriwal at the Ramlila ground. The list of ministers include Arvind Kejriwal (Chief Minister), Manish Sisodia (Deputy Chief Mi...

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MLC Elections in AP and Telangana States 2015

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The Election Commission of India has released MLC elections schedule 2015 for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states for the Graduate and Teachers Constituencies in both the states. There are two constituencies in each state being vacated due to the expiry of the term. Following are important dates for these elections. Election Notification Issue: 19 February 2015 Last date for filing nomination:...

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PRC in AP - New Salaries with 43 Percent Fitment

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PRC in AP - New Salaries with 43 Percent Fitment

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced new PRC for the government employees. The Chief Minister of AP, N. Chandrababu Naidu has announced 43 percent fitment to all the government employees in the state. The new salaries and pay scales will come into effect from June 2014. The pay scales and salaries are increased based on the 10th PRC recomendations. There will be almost 100 percent inc...

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TDP and BJP show off over Special Status to Andhra Pradesh

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The ruling parties in Andhra Pradesh and the Center seems setting ground for a show off thanks to the promises made by rival Congress party at the time of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. The special status to Andhra Pradesh is going to become contentious between the TDP and BJP in the near future. While the BJP, which supported the special status during bifurcation is now retracting itself citi...

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APCBS Second List of Beneficiaries - Agriculture and Gold loan waiver scheme

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The government of Andhra Pradesh is gearing up to release the second list of beneficiaries under the crop and gold loan waiver scheme. The second list may be announced in a few weeks and will be made available to the public on APCBS portal. The government has set to receive the applications for the second round of Runa Maafi scheme till 14 February 2015. The AP government has also received obje...

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Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2015

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The Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Admi Party has almost set to form government in New Delhi. The exit polls of all the media organisations have predicted a simple majority for AAP and a comfortable second place to BJP. It appears that the apologies sent by Arvind Kejriwal to the Delhi public over his immature resignation and consequent dissolution of the Assembly have been accepted by the voters. ...

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Check RTA e-Challan Status for Traffic Violations in Hyderabad – Revised Penalties

Hello traffic violates, beware of these revised fines for violation of various traffic rules in Hyderabad. The increased amount of penalty as per the GO 108 will come into force from Saturday, 20th August 2011. The Hyderabad Traffic Police are implementing e-challan procedure for violation of traffic rules. Department of Road Transport Authority (RTA, Hyderabad), Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has installed cameras at various junctions and also equipped the traffic police with advanced material to register traffic violations. You can also check fines / penalties on your two / four wheeler through http://www.htp.gov.in/ . The Hyderabad Traffic police has also launched new dedicated website for all traffic related issues at htp.gov.in . You can check the e-challan status for your vehicle at http://www.htp.gov.in/Redirect-eChallan.htm OR . Following are some of the important violations and latest penalties:

1) Traveling without pass or ticket, driver’s refusal to ply a contract carriage on hire: Rs. 500
2) Disobedience of orders, obstruction to the checking officer in discharge of duties and refusal of information: Rs. 500
3) Allowing unauthorized persons to drive vehicles: Rs. 1000
4) Driving by under – aged persons: Rs. 500
5) Driving at excessive speed: Rs. 400
6) Driving dangerously, attending phone calls while driving and jumping signal: Rs. 1000
7) Using vehicle in unsafe condition at public place by violating road safety, control of noise and air pollution, wrong and dangerous parking: Rs. 1000
8) Not registering vehicle, not renewing registration or driving without fitness certificate: Rs. 2000 to a maximum of Rs. 5000
9) Refusing to stop and submit the vehicle for weighing: Rs. 3000
10) Not having insurance certificate for vehicle: Rs. 1000

Other common violations are: 1) Driving any vehicle without active license, renewed insurance and latest pollution under control (PUC) certificate. If you do not have driving licence, apply for LLR (Learner’s License) immediately. Now, you can write LLR exam in Hindi and Telugu also. 2) Not using the helmet while driving a two wheeler 3) Using a fancy number plate 4) Not using the seat belt if driving a car 5) Triple riding in case of a two wheeler and Over Speed 6) Parking any vehicle in ‘No Parking’ area illegally on a public road.

Update on 1st March 2012: The Govt. of India has come heavy on traffic rules violators. The new penalties for various traffic violations will come into effect after its ratification in Parliament. The proposed Motor Vehicle Act 2012 will also impose imprisonment along with hefty fines for traffic violations such as drunken driving, red signal jump, driving without seat belt / helmet, using mobile while driving etc.

So, don’t violate traffic rules and be safe…!

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46 Responses to Check RTA e-Challan Status for Traffic Violations in Hyderabad – Revised Penalties

  1. rakesh kumar says:

    longer days i find the echallan status online my vehicle and other my friends vehicle but result shown is all vehicles 0 please any assistance to give me the correct information. because iam affraid challans i obey the rules and regulations but some time ican also mistake like signal jumping its coming very traffic in hyderabad signals not show timedisplay. how iam guessing my vehicle cross before redlight coming.

  2. p lakshmana rao says:

    longer days i find the echallan status online my vehicle and other my friends vehicle but result shown is all vehicles 0 please any assistance to give me the correct information. because iam affraid challans i obey the rules and regulations but some time i can also mistake like signal jumping its coming very traffic in hyderabad signals not show time display. how iam guessing my vehicle cross before red light coming.

  3. saikiransagar says:

    How to check penality of vehicle

    • admin says:

      You need to enter your vehicle registration number after entering into the site. Then it will display penalty if any on your vehicle along with reasons for penalty and place where the traffic rules were violated.

  4. mohammed mazher uddin says:


  5. mohammed mazher uddin says:

    how many challan in this namber

  6. ramesh rao says:

    Sir, I had paid the penalty for traffic violations on behalf of my friends. However, the violations are still shown along with the penalty and the payments are not shown. Please clarify.

  7. Zahid al-ameri says:

    My bike chalan rta AP 29G1872

  8. Mohmmed omer uddin says:

    Please follow traffic rules and be safe

  9. u.dinesh says:

    its online system its not correct sir immediately we did not get the challan receipt. you show the photos also in the system. pleas do it sir like above said matter sir please clarify

  10. sai krishna says:

    AP 09 CD 4984

  11. mohammad imran says:

    sir, i want to know my bike challan my bike no is ap23aa6095

  12. Ganesh subramanyam says:

    I want to buy a secondhand car Esteem No : AP 9 S 6161 , are there any challans pending, if so let me know, so that I can deduct those charges and pay him the balance and pay challans to police station.

  13. santhosh kumar says:

    how to check penality of two wheeler online

    • admin says:

      Go to the mentioned website and enter the registration number of your vehicle. It will display tour traffic rules violations and penalties as on date.

  14. santhosh kumar says:

    please tell my two wheeler penality on on bikes AP 28 BQ 6522 AND AP 28 BC 9955

  15. yalal praveen kumar says:

    dear sir,

    i want to know my bike challan my bike no is AP29AJ3758

  16. phanikumar says:

    how many challan on this number AP 37 AR 1044

  17. m saikiran says:

    i want to know my bike challan my bike no is AP10 am 4866.

  18. m saikiran says:

    ap11ak0843 challan

  19. sravan kumar says:

    AP/29/BL/7217 May i know how many challans has been up to now?

  20. supriya singh says:

    sir as per your statement my one challan is pending challan NO 2011ap241940 I WISH TO KNOW WHERE I VOILATED TRAFFIC RULE PLS INTIMATE ON MY EMAIL ADDRESS

    • admin says:

      The details of violation of traffic rule also will be available with your request online. In fact they have to display photo also. You can pay the challan at any e-seva center.

  21. sampath reddy says:

    this is Sampath Reddy.Nalla
    my vehicle no is ap01s7478
    how much penalty is there.

  22. N.Praveen Kumar says:

    This is N.Praveen Kumar
    My Vehicle no is AP09AU4951
    How much Penalty i have to pay

  23. KRISHNA REDDY says:

    My name is krishna reddy. My vehicle number is AP 10 Q 7124. Please send me the challan status through mail.

    thanks and regards

  24. Srirahul M says:

    Im not able to check the status, can you please help me to know the filne amount I have to pay.
    Reg: AP28DC9913(Unicorn-2 Wheeler)
    Please send the details to my mail ID: srirahul.mannem@gmail.com

  25. m.ramchander says:

    my vehicle no ap28bf0758
    how much penality i have to pay

  26. T.surya Rao says:

    let me know the violation fee if any ap29au 0464

  27. t.srinivasa rao says:

    how to pay my penaulty through online netbanking?

  28. k.nagaraju says:

    pls advise how to check if there are any violations for vehicle no:AP13s 9933

  29. mir wajid ali says:

    please tel me how many challans do i have on my bike no. AP13AA 7861 &

  30. hari krishna.k. says:

    i would like to know the challan status of my bike passion plus ap09br4382

  31. g.sambasivarao says:

    sir, two years back my vehicle was stolen. the vehicle was fully not insured. informed to the police station. the vehicle was not traced. i think it was gone under scrab. the rc of the vehicle is my name. still now any challans or complaints against the vehicle were not traced. furthere i don’t know what steps should be taken from my side. if you don’t mind pl guide me.

  32. Mohan says:

    Iam unable to check the status, can you please help me to know the fine amount I have to pay.
    Reg: AP09BN5938(Unicorn-2 Wheeler)

  33. Ravi says:

    dear sir,
    I want to know my bike challan my bike no is AP 28 BA 709

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