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Equity and Equality- Two more values of Janmabhoomi

Strong basis for co-operation among different sections of society could be possible only through treating everyone equally. The government of Andhra Pradesh assumed during Chandrababu regime that, Janmabhoomi programme could be the means of restoring equality in the society across people and institutions. This optimism is evident when it mentioned that the widening of inequalities in the society between the rich and poor, discrimination on grounds of caste, creed and gender are some of the manifestations of the break down of values and principles in the society. The principle of equality ensures that each and every action of an institution will be evaluated in terms of its impact on equality. Through Janmabhoomi, the poor and the rich, people belonging to different castes and religions can came together and act collectively.

As mentioned by the Janmabhoomi document, “innovation is the most important ingredient for the advancement of any society. This can occur in a variety of ways ranging from more commonly understood forms such as product and technical innovation to more abstract forms like process innovation”. It was further acknowledged that technological innovations such as computers and telecommunications and process innovations such as people’s participation have been making a remarkable impact on the quality and pace of development and provision of civic amenities.

At the operational level, people’s involvement through village level committees would be made sustainable utilisation of land, water, and forest resources and also developed a sense of ownership among people.

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