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Jana Sena Party by Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Jana Sena Party Pawan Kalyan has all set to enter into active politics. Though politics is not new for him, launching a new party must be an exciting venture for Pawan Kalyan. It is informed that the party is named as Jana Sena Party (JSP). The power star will announced and formally launch the party on 14th March 2014.

Powan Kalyan is likely to announce the policies and agenda of Jana Sena Party (JSP) on the launching day. Arrangements also have been made to telecast the party launch across the state through LED screens.

Pawan Kalyan is likely to contest from Kakinada Lok Sabha Constituency in the coming General Elections 2014. He is also considering the winning chances in Malkajigiri Lok Sabha segment. He is likely to deliver 45 minute speech on the launch day.

The Jana Sena party will be announced in a meeting to be held in Hitex in Hyderabad. Power star will tour the state after completing formalities in Hyderabad. He is yet to announce flag of the party.

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2 thoughts on “Jana Sena Party by Pawan Kalyan

  1. Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy

    Pavan Kalyan has a bright future as a film actor whereas it is strange that he has not learnt lesson from his elder brother Chiranjeevi who started PRP and amalgamated with the Congress Party leaving no identity either to himself or to people who had high hopes particularly of his Kapu community. In fact, Pavan Kalyan would have revived Praja Rajyam Party with a consent from Chiranjeevi, if he is bent upon to test his political fortunes. Of course, politics is the sure bet in India to amass wealth and to protect the same forever running over generations. For instance, one of the former Union Ministers of India forgot to pay income tax for ten consecutive years while in power. What a paradise is India for politicians?

  2. sadaa

    This is not correct time to form a party by pavan . where is the need to him enter into politics, what experience he had that to there is short time for elections. if he formed party there is no use at all.Only he get few seats to divide seats inTDP and YSRCP and later he has to merge like his brother. It is not desirable a actor entering in to politics it is only mislead the people to gain favoritism. NTR who entered in politics is different his image in the public is a different only. it can not be compared to the present actors it is only fame themselves


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