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New Districts Formation in Telangana – Objections and Suggestions by People – 2016

new districts objections The Government of Telangana has set up separate portal inviting objections and suggestions on the new districts formation in Telangana state. The draft notifications are available on the portal . The public can also file objections / suggestions from this portal . Contact details of following officials also are provided to send objections / suggestions on new districts, revenue divisions and mandals in Telangana - 2016:

A) Sri. J. Raymond Peter, I.A.S, CCLA and Spl.C.S,
O/o the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration,
Nampally Station Road, Hyderabad, Telagnana.

B) Smt. N. Madhavi Devi,,
Additional Assistant Commissioner (Coordination),
O/o CCLA, Hyderabad, Telangana.

C) Dr. Satya Sharada,,
Assistant Secretary (CMRO),
Nampally Station Road, Hyderabad, Telagnana
O/o CCLA, Hyderabad, Telangana.

See for more information:

New Districts, Revenue Divisions and Mandals in Telangana State - 2016

New Districts Draft Notifications - GOs 2016

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26 thoughts on “New Districts Formation in Telangana – Objections and Suggestions by People – 2016

  1. Praveen Kumar

    Insted of Peddfapalli Ramagundam is suitable for new district, Ramagundam is a industrial area and it is a corporation and revenue wise, population wise and infrastructure wise Ramagundam is eligible for new district.

  2. venkatramudu,teacher

    respected chief minister of telangana we r requesting u kindly announce gadwal one of the districts of ts,if u announce we will be very thankful to u.

  3. M.MARY

    Dear CM sir,
    My family & locality voted to our TRS Party. kindly make sure to include the RAMACHANDRAPURAM MANDAL to SHAMSHABAD DIST. or MALIKAGJIRI DIST and not under sangareddy DIST.

      1. admin

        Yes. There were reports that the government may not divide Hanamkonda and Warangal and will form Warangal urban and Warangal rural districts.

  4. Chandra Sena Reddy Proddutur

    New Mandals may be formed in a minimum Ten Acres of Government Land With a redivision of Three Kilometer from mandal head qrarter having excess for all villages
    New Divisions may be formed in a minimum Twenty Five Acres of Government Land With a redivision of Five Kilometer fromDivision head qrarter having excess for all Mandals
    New District may be formed in a minimum One Hundred Acres of Government Land With a redivision of Ten Kilometer from Disict head qrarter having excess for all villages
    The above may be reserved for Govt. Departments and Govt Quarters and Parking Place only forgo use in feature. Since there is a possibility of increase of Four Wheeler Vehicles in future and Parking probulam in future
    No plot Registration may be done with out approval of Layout by the Direcor of Country and Town Planing or any Competent Authority in any Agriculturs Lands in feature other wise the surroundings villages became Slums in feature

  5. GVR.karthik sharma

    It is bettr from the surya pet 2 nakrekal should be in suryapet district bcoz of all the offices are very near 2 the suryapet compare 2 nalgonda distance

  6. panuganti laxman

    we want bheemaram mandal formation of new districts and revenue devisions and mandals in telangana for the devalapment so that why bheemaram grama panchaithi and relative gramapanchaethis and nerest grama panchayethi want be mandal center of the villages bheemaram

  7. Sathyam Sudi


    We are from Jangaon Warangal dist It is the only municipality and old revenue division having Civil courts, and it also one of the oldest Taluq, we need the Jangaon as the District,

  8. Sreenivas battula

    Respected sir, we are living in gudur mandal, warangal district, we are adivasi people ,our area agency, so I request to please formation mulugu ( sammkka sarakka )district, including gudur and kothaguda mandals, we want adivasi district SAMMAKKA SARAKKA (MULUGU )

  9. T.Shiromani

    thank you CM sir,
    we are people of Mogudampally [new mandal], surrounding Villages&Lambada thandas.
    we are very happy and thankful to you[cm sir] because of our 20 years demond&dream.

  10. manideep

    Dear cm sir..
    Am feeling happy to be mancherial citizen....plz dont change the name for new disrict as khomuram bheem instead of mancherial my humble request was we want mancherial district

  11. D.Hachya Ravi

    Dear CM Sir,
    If are you Going to make Jangaon Dist. Please Bring Keesara Mandal And Ghatkesar Mandal in to Yadadri District.

  12. Kommu Srikanth


    Request to Government of Telangana State :

    Kamareddy district map should be redrawn, areas in and around Banswada are losing the existing privileges even after carving out Kamareddy district from Nizamabad district.

    Technically it is not in line with the promise made by CM KCR garu because the main intention behind creating new districts is to facilitate people which is not met in this case.

    Inspite of making Kamareddy district headquarters, the problems of below mentioned areas are going unnoticed.

    Previously for the areas like Birkur, Madnur, Bichkunda, Jukkal Mandals the previous district headquarters was more reasonable distance than the present one.

    (1) Birkur to Nizamabad : 48.3 km (Previous)
    Birkur to Kamareddy : 72.7 km (Present)

    (2) Madnur to Nizamabad : 92.5 km (Previous)
    Madnur to Kamareddy : 101 km (Present)

    (3) Bichkunda to Nizamabad : 74.6 km (Previous)
    Bichkunda to Kamareddy : 83.6 km (Present)

    (4) Jukkal to Nizamabad : 88.0 km (Previous)
    Jukkal to Kamareddy : 97.0 km (Present)

    NOTE :

    By making Banswada a district, proper justice can be done for the areas like Birkur,Madnur,Bichkunda,Jukkal,Varni,Yellareddy,Pitlam,Nizamsagar Mandals.

    Geographically, Banswada is equidistant to all the above mentioned areas.

    By making Banswada as a district head quarters we can also justify some other following Mandals(Pitlam,Yellareddy,Varni).

    (1) Pitlam to Kamareddy : 66.7 Km (Present)
    Pitlam to Banswada : 22.9 Km (Future)

    (2) Yellareddy to Kamareddy : 42.6 Km (Present)
    Yellareddy to Banswada : 29.8 Km (Future)

    (3) Varni to Nizamabad : 31.6 Km (Present)
    Varni to Banswada : 19.1 Km (Future)

    (4) Nizamsagar to Kamareddy : 53.09 km (Present)
    Nizamsagar to Banswada : 23.06 km (Future)

    Most of the people of this region are under the impression that there is an oversight from officials for not making Banswada as a district.

    Banswada town is elgible and has potential to become a district.

    Our honourable CM KCR garu must use this opportunity to involve local communities in all decision making on the development of Banswada roadmap. provided, Banswada have all the infrastructure to house the new district administration.


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