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New Penalties for Traffic Rules Violations from 2017

The Government of India has brought out several amendments to the motor vehicles law thus increasing penalties for various types of traffic violations by commuters. The lok sabha has passed the bill to this effect.

Following are the new penalties for various violations of traffic rules as per the new law:

1) Driving without licence: Rs. 5000. The previous penalty ia Rs 500.

2) Over speeding: Rs 1000. Earlier it was Rs 400.

3) No seatbelts: Rs 1000. The previous fine was Rs 100.

4) Drunken Driving: Rs 10000. The earlier amount of penalty is Rs 2000.

As per the new law, the traffic violation penalties will increase 10 percent each year. The bill has to be passed in Rajya Sabha and followed by nod from the President of India. The citizens will be able to apply for driving licence from any RTA office as per the new bill.

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