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Finance minister Yanamala Rama Krishnudu has presented the Andhra Pradesh Budget 2017-18 on 15th March 2017 in AP Assembly. Following are the highlights from his Budget speech.

Ramakrishnudu has presented the budget with Rs 1.55 lakh crore outlay. Rs 1,25,911 crore is the revenue deficit in AP Budget with is highest for any state. Following are allocations for various sectors in AP Budget 2017-18.

1) Budget for agriculture increased to 7.73 percent.
2) Rs 1,049 crore allocated for drinking water and Rs 5,207 crore Urban development sectors.
3) Rs 383 crore allocated to forest department.
4) Solar pump sets will be distributed to farmers at subsidised prices.
5) Rs 40,000 will be given to poor Christians who are willing to visit Jerusalem.

6) Rs 400 crores allocated for women empowerment.
7) Rs 89 crore allocated for the welfare of disabled sections of society.
8) Rs 260 crore allocated for development of village roads.
9) Rs 382 crore for IT and electronics sectors.
10) Agriculture loan waiver scheme gets Rs 3600 crore

11) Rs 1,600 crore allotted to SHG loan investment.
12) Andhra Pradesh pollution control board gets Rs 4,183 crore.
13) Rs 4376 crore allocated for Pensions.
14) Rs 125 crores allocated for small and medium scale industries.
15) Rs 398 crores allocated for Skill development scheme.

16) Rs 500 crore allotted to unemployment honorarium.
17) Women finance corporation gets Rs 400 crore allotment.
18) Free LPG connection scheme for poor gets Rs 350 crores.
19) Power subsidy for poor increased from 50 to 75 units.
20) Capital region development authority gets Rs 1,061 crore.

21) SAAP gets 195 crores for the improvement of sports sector.
22) NTR Vaidya Seva gets a big allocation of Rs 1,000 crore.
23) Smart cities get Rs 450 crore and other smart cities to be developed by the state government with Rs 150 crore funds.
24) NTR Sujala Sravanthi gets Rs 100 crore to improve drinking water facility.
25) Anna canteens allocated Rs 100 crore.

26) ST component fund gets Rs 3,528 crore.
27) Rs 92 crore allocated for Ambedkar memorial Park in capital Amaravati.
28) Rs 97 crore allocated for Brahmin welfare.
29) Education sector gets a good allocation of Rs 20,384 crore.
30) Agriculture sector allocated Rs 8790 crore.

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