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Being aware of the dissatisfaction over bifurcation of the state among Seemandhra people, the BJP has started making empty promises to lure the voters in the coming general and assembly elections 2014. Venkaiah Naidu has announced today that the BJP would grant special status to Seemandhra for 10 years instead of 5 years.

It appears that the BJP has played the game by joining hands with the Congress to pass the Telangana Bill without any significant amendments. The special status promise also do not has any constitutional sanctity as it is just a statement made by Prime Minister in Rajya Sabha and not mentioned in the Bill.

BJP may not have much to talk about the Bill if everything goes constitutional and equal justice is done to Seemandhra. Now they have the issues to raise with regard to Seemandhra and garner some votes in the coming elections. What a politics!!!!!

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