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Bangalore: Karnataka people set for a change in the state politics. The days of counting of votes and trends may suggest the nature of this change. Here we give latest votes and counting trends and seats secured / gained by various parties. The seats tally of the Congress Party, BJP, JD-S and KJP will be updated here.

Here is the Profile and biodata of Sidda Ramaiah, who lead the Congress in Karnataka and CM probable of the Congress.
If the exit polls are to be believed before the original counting of votes takes place on 8th May 2013, the Congress party is set to sweep the seats. The counting will start at 8 AM on 8th May and complete results will be out by 2 PM. The NDTV exit poll estimated these trends:

The Congress: 121 seats
BJP: 40 seats
JD-S: 40 seats
KJP: 6 seats
Others: 18 seats.

It appears that the BJP is likely to lost it's only Government in South India. JD-S is likely to gain from the previous elections and may get about 40 seats. It is observed by the analysts that the Congress is likely to gain from the splits and dissidence in BJP rather than on it's own strengths.

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