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It has been a practice to follow que system at examination halls, job melas, saree distribution functions of TRS government and cinema halls etc. But guess the reason for the que in the picture at Cherlapalli Central Prison in Hyderabad.

cherlapalli jail
The new trend is the ques at Prisons. The above at Cherlapalli Central Jail are following que to undergo sentence in drunken driving cases in Hyderabad.

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All these are sentenced by the court in drunken driving cases in Hyderabad. They are going to serve imprisonment of 3 days to 7 days as per the court orders. About 50 offenders have formed the que at the prinson complex.

The Central Jail officials have informed that about 10 percent of the total prisoners are drunken drivers sentenced by the court. The Hyderabad traffic police have been strict on the violators of traffic rules to prevent the crimes and accidents in the City.

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