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Telangana Land Records Online – Pahani, EC, Adangal, 1B, Village Maps with Survey Numbers – 2016

plot for sale in Hyderabad The Government of Telangana is proposed to digitise all the land records data such as pahanis, 1B, adangals (personal and village wise records). The new website will be launched by the Government. The property / land owners can easily access the data. The land records data pertaining to Ranga Reddy, Medak, Nizamabad, Adilabad, Nalgonda, Warangal, Khammam, Mahaboobnagar, Hyderabad and Karimnagar districts will be available online through the new website.

Maa Bhoomi Portal for Telangana Land Records

The revenue department of Government of Telangana is organising all the land records district and village wise. The Pahanis of the entire state will be accessible online for download. The Government has already implemented the same in Khammam district.

Chief Commissioner of Land Records (CCLA), Telangana is supervising the digitisation of land records. The details include survey number, extent of land, tax, owner name / pattadar name, nature of the land and crop etc.

About 30 services will be made available to the property owners through online. The people can also file complaints if any errors are there in the data. The CCLA will supervise the status of complaints and find solutions.

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19 thoughts on “Telangana Land Records Online – Pahani, EC, Adangal, 1B, Village Maps with Survey Numbers – 2016

  1. Satyanarayana

    Sir for getting land records made a mesh. In the website officials made a mesh by insisting to get the Revenue records in Meeseva.They are insisting sub Survey Numberwise the following.
    1) Application Form
    2) Title Passbook / Pehani Xerox.
    3) Affidavit
    It is not apparent as to why the above are required for issuing Land records, for the Prospective Purchasers.As matter of Fact all the land records be made available to the Public in the net for Verification of the Titles etc. for the Prospective Purchasers of the lands. The following Records of the Lands be made avilable to the Public for Verification. After verifying anyway the intending Purchaser will take the Authenticated copies of the Records from the Revenue Authorities. Hence the following records all the lands in Telangana be made avilable to the Public:
    1. Khasra Pehani.
    2. Chesla Pehani.
    3. All the Pehanis Year wise .
    4. 1-B Record of all the Farmers.
    5. RORs.
    6. Latest Pehanis.
    7. Vasool Baki Record.
    Insisting of Application is OK But the Intending sellers will not Provide even the Xeroxes until Advance payment is made.Hence it is obvious insisting Xerox Copies of Title Pass Book / Pehani Xeroxes. It is obvious in insisting Affidavit . It is very expensive before Purchasing a land. If so warranted, one affidavit can be insisted for entire intending Transaction instead of asking for sub numberwise.
    3) Affidavit

  2. khaiser

    I would like tocongratulate the hoble chief minister garu Information technology minister Honble Harish rao garu for implmentig digital services to citizens and honble Revenue minster mahmood ali garu.this isa poitive steps to help the particular small farmers who only suffer when ever they need ROR . One more Trouble the villagers are facing is Obtaining Un registerd birth certificate due lack of knowledge to parents and negligiant of autheraties most of the children as well as adult doesnt hold birth certificate it is became manadtry .this can made available to citizen after prodocing the proof of citzen ship so that bribe can control money and time of people.One more important hurdle villagers are facing is land survey and demarcation. It wiill be done after bribe only it should made easy.

  3. k.prakash

    it is difficult for a person to understand how exactly we can look details of our land with survey number and other details. without id and password we cannot view the details.

    1. admin

      Dear Swamy garu
      you can enter mee bhoomi website and submit your aadhar number to get the details of property on your name. You can also search through pattadar name or khata number etc.


    I need to check suryev no 79/1 Hafeezpet village, Serilingampally Mandal
    But it not showing the above mentioned survey number
    Please let me know the land map and survey number

  5. Satayavathi

    Pahani Land Records-Adangals our names not showing 2009 to till now, now we want Pahani Land Records-Adangals. Were we complaint for this problem

  6. Ganesh krishna

    Respected sir ihave a land (300) yards in survey number292. (registration number 4851/1987)khammam. khanapuram haveli village ..but some people are grabbed the land their have an survey number 293/c documents. many times we will told them but they are not under standing..please give me the survey report.and please justice for me..Iprayed to asking...... Ganesh upendramma khanmam ( phone 9849309366 )

  7. sadanand.v

    Sir we are sc, we want 1950 to 1980 phani records of peerzadiguda village, Ghatkesar mandal,RR district, telangana. No 1950 year phani in ghatkesar mandal.

  8. D Kora Nagaraju

    My Name is D Koram Nagaraju Dundigal Village, Gandimaisamma Mandal Medchel District. Hyderabad. Telangana.
    Sir Miss the Online ( Webland) in my survey Numbers & Khatha Numbers .
    Khatha No. 689, Survey No. 719/2. I Complaint in Mandal Office in April 2016. again Complaint in June2016. my Problem Not Solved. Please Solve the my problem. Please Entry the My Khatha No. & Survey No.

  9. qazi syed vizaratali

    Sir I want to know Land record of qazi syed viquar ali in shekhapur mandala bichkunda state telangana, He was a land lord but so many people grab his land so I request you to help me to know till now which land is named by him

  10. T.chaya Rao

    We have bought a land in turkymjal R.R dist in 2005 and we have registration papers. After LRS we gt intimation that our land is in ceiling and we need to get NOC from tahasildhar. If the land comes under govt can v get compensation? Pls help me

  11. kistaiah

    Sir..who is responsible if VRO does not enter the records properly in 1b..
    Is there any facility for the farmer to go through it...

  12. Ramaraj Seetaramarao

    The Land records at present in Telangana state are in serious embezzlement owing to the corrupt practices adopted in previous govt. era, but shockingly even after formation of Telangana since last 2+ years there is no mention worthy correction attempt by the T.S.Govt. as yet.Corruption , lethargy, irresponsibilty are at their peak in the Revenue department in the present Govt. while in Irrigation and electricity departments sizable good work is being done, unfortunately the work style of Rev. department in all the districts is worse than the previous combined state of A.P.None of the District Collectors in Telangana state is delivering his service with some responsibility and they are insulting the much respected ad responsible position of the District Collector post.With the result, the woes of farmers in Telangana, especially the Pattedars of their respective agrcl. lands are innumerable with specific reference to the land records.It is not enough if some dignitory in ruling TRS govt. boasts that they are for the much canvassed 'Bangaru Telangana'...but the Rev.departmet with specific reference to Land records is heading towards a 'BEKAR TELANGANA' instead of Bangaru Telangana.Public representations reg.correction of several lapses/dents in Land records, though received are immediately thrown in dust bins in Collector, RDO and Tahsil office points...without any response or reply to the Petitioners. Certainly this not what was expected from the Telangana Govt.

  13. Ramakanth Inani

    visited website maa pahanai. it is difficult for a person to understand how exactly we can look details of our land with survey number and other details.

    Sir..who is responsible if VRO does not enter the records properly in 1b..
    Is there any facility for the farmer to go through it...


    My name is sujatha. We are 3 daughters of my father. My father have expired 5 years back. My father have some property at his expiry.
    I eligible for that land or not? Kindly give your valuable information. Thank you.


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