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BJP Yuva Internet TV – yuva4india

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has launched 'Yuva', an Internet TV for youth of India. The first ever internet TV by a political party in India can be availed from the url . BJP President Nitin Gadkari has launched the Yuva TV channel on 09th February 2012. The channel also provide a link to BJP's page on YouTube which can be availed at . Following are programme schedules and timings:

The Yuva4india is aimed at young tech-savvy generation of the country. The internet channel will telecast party programmes, speeches of the leaders and various rallies of the party. The channel / TV will also be used for the spread of BJP's policies and views on various political, social and economic issues. Speeches of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee also will be available.

The party has created a small studio to hold discussions on current issues. BJP's IT cell will run the channel. The channel will telecast debates, conversation and programmes as per the schedule. YUVA TV would be webcasted on internet between 5 to 7 PM everyday. The programmes will be available at Following are details of programmes and timings on

1) Siyasi Safar : Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji: 5:00 pm
2) Parivartan: Ek Satat Yatra: 5:16 pm
3) Yoga - Ek Jivan Paddhati: 5:32 pm
4) Youth Opinion: 5:42 pm
5) UP Special Election - Sushree Uma Bharti: 5:55 pm
6) Aaj ka Mudda: Minority Reservations: 6:10 pm
7) News Headlines: 6:30 pm
8) Snippets of Press Conference: 6:40 pm

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9 thoughts on “BJP Yuva Internet TV – yuva4india

  1. Sujeet Sahu

    It's a good idea, BJP should strongly fight against corruption. I am a great fan of Bajpai jee. I salute him, please BJP leaders do something different from other parties.
    Please save the future of INDIA.


    At present BJP needs unity among in its leaders. I request the leaders of BJP don't neglect, disturb, and avoid Narendra Modi in all aspects. The BJP should utilise him for 2014 loksabha election and party should focus him PM of our Nation. Only unity in BJP will make a ruling party in 2014 loksabha election. Party's .Unity is must need for Nation's growth.

  3. parthasarathy

    BJP isaparty with principle.Top leaders should bring unity among its cadresfor grand success.I wish it good future.

  4. Jagnarayan

    We youth are hopefully looking BJP revival.what is important is unity.Mr.yedurappa must show patience like LK Adwani.He should not go behind the cms post.rather he should work for strenghtening the party.

    1. Manohar

      Please bringout unity in Karnataka BJP immediately. BJP may discuss with Sri Edyurappa and Sri Sadananda Gowda and take
      steps appropriate and prevent them from giving independant state-ments to the press. Let them concentrate on the development works still to be completed unitedly. This is the need of the hour.
      Both should work to uplift the party's prestiege and desist petty
      politics. They should be loyal to the party.Sri Gadkari is requested to take immediate action to put the Karnataka BJP on right track.


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