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Japanese Encephalitis- Symptoms and Precautions

Japanese Encephalitis is on its way to spread across the country with the arrival of monsoon. The outbreak of suspected encephalitis and subsequent reports on death of about 24 children in Bihar has alarmed the government and people throughout the country. People are advised by health and medical authorities to take efficient preventive measures at areas where the pig population is large. The Japanese Encephalitis is caused by bites of the mosquitoes that are infected by pigs. Common signs of JE and precautions to be followed are mentioned below for the use of our readers:

The health officials in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (which is another spot for JE death reports) have advised the people to be extra cautious during the months of June and November, as the JE is more likely to prevail in this period. Public living at pig farming areas should take more measures to prevent mosquito bites as mosquitoes take blood from infected pigs and transmit among humans.

Following are some important symptoms / signs of Japanese Encephalitis:

1. High Fever, headache and nausea
2. Altered sensorium or impact on sensory part of brain
3. Chills, confusion and agitation
4. Rigidity of neck (inability to move head due to rigid muscles)
5. Reduced activity and lethargy
6. Inability to talk or feel anything

Try to take these precautions to prevent Encephalitis:

1. Take measures to avoid mosquito bites
2. Take measures to control vector borne diseases in colonies
3. Maintain sanitation at pig farming regions mandatory
4. Use medicated mosquito nets, coils etc.
5. Personal hygiene mandatory
6. Take measures to avoid mosquito bites among children.

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