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MLAs of Valsad District – Gujarat Elections 2012

Valsad district of Gujarat has five Assembly constituencies. These are Dharampur, Mota Pondha, Pardi, Umbergaon and Valsad. Out of these, the BJP has won in 3 constituencies and the Congress has managed to secure two segments in 2007 elections. The shuffling of constituencies in the context of delimitation in 2012 may impact a bit on the chances of both the parties in 2012 Assembly elections. The BJP won in Pardi, Umbergaon and Valsad constituencies. The Congress Party has won from Dharampur and Mota Pondha constituencies. Following are details of winners and losers of 2007 elections:

1) Mota Pondha Constituency: Chaudhary Jitubhai Hirjibhai (Winner - Congress) Vs Raut Babubhai Naranbhai (Loser - BJP).

2) Valsad Constituency: Desai Dolatrai Nathubhai (Winner from BJP) Vs Patel Dharmesh Alias Bhola AMB (Loser from the Congress Party).

3) Pardi Constituency: Patel Ushaben Girishkumar (Winner from BJP) Vs Patel Laxmanbhai Babubhai (Loser - Congress).

4) Dharampur Constituency: Chaudhari Chhanabhai Kolubhai (Winner - Congress) Vs Chaudhari Manibhai Ramjibhai (Loser - BJP).

5) Umbergaon Constituency: Ramanlal Nanubhai Patkar (Winner - BJP) Vs Bharatbhai Madhubhai Dhodi (Loser - Independant).

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