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MLC Seats under MLA Quota- Elections, Results

Results of MLC elections under MLA quota are announced around 8-9 PM on 17th March 2011. List of winners of MLC elections 2011 under MLA quota is given below. Polling for MLC elections under MLA quota has completed in Andhra Pradesh.There is a huge suspense and tension among all the political parties over the strategy of YSR Congress Party MLAs. About 25 Jagan group MLAs have met and chalking out their strategy in the MLC elections. There are 12 contestants contesting for 10 MLC seats under MLA quota. All the parties including Congress an TDP put their hopes on Jagan group MLAs to garner the extra seat for which they have fielded candidates without sufficient number of MLAs.

Following is the list of candidates contesting for MLC elections under MLA quota.

1. Syed Altaf Hyder Razvi - MIM - Hyderabad (Won)
2. C. Ramachandraiah- PRP- Kadapa (Won)
3. Paladugu Venkatrao- Congress - Krishna (Won)
4. B. Changal Rayudu- Congress - Chittoor (Won)
5. M. Sudhakar Babu- Congress- Kurnool (Won)
6. Mohammad Jani- Congress- Guntur (Won)
7. M. Ranga Reddy- Congress- Hyderabad (Won)
8. K. Pratibha Bharathi- Telugu Desam- Srikakulam (Lost)
9. V. Gangadhar Goud- Telugu Desam- Nizamabad (Won)
10. S.V. Satish Reddy- Telugu Desam- Kadapa (Won)
11. P.J. Chandrasekhar- CPI- Prakasam (Won)
12. Mohd. Mahmood Ali- TRS- Hyderabad (Lost)

Polling ended by 4 PM and counting of votes started at 5 PM.
Following are first priority votes for MLC candidates of MLA quota:

1. Satish Reddy (TDP): 24 votes (Won)
2. Gangadhar Goud (TDP): 24 votes (Won)
3. Pratibha Bharathi (TDP): 21 votes (Lost - This is a shocking result for TDP. Pratibha Bharathi has been in the lead for a while but lost in the elimination process. The TDP has demanded recounting of votes. But the EC appears to be reluctant to go for recounting.)
4. Chandrasekhar Rao (CPI): 24 votes (Won)
5. Mohd. Ali (TRS): 11 votes (Lost)
6. C. Ramachandraiah (PRP): 27 votes (Won)

Candidates won the MLC elections from MLA quota seats:

1. Atlaf Razvi (MIM): 36 votes (Required votes are 27. This indicates huge cross voting from the Congress Party, particularly from Jagan group MLAs.
2. Sudhakar Babu: 27 votes
3. Paladugu Venkatrao: 27 votes
4. M. Ranga Reddy: 27 votes
5. Changala Rayudu: 27 votes
6. Mohammad Jani: He won amidst big drama. He retained the MLC seat at last. It was believed that he would lost the seat as there is cross voting from the Congress MLAs supporting YS Jagan. He got 17 votes as first priority and managed to win through second priority votes.

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