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Profile of Oommen Chandy- Chief Minister of Kerala

Oommen Chandy is known for his low profile in politics and vast experience of political career in the Congress Party. He was elected to Kerala Assembly for 10 terms including the latest 2011 result. Chandy served as Chief Minister of Kerala during 2004 - 2006. He successfully lead the UDF (United Democratic Front) to take over reigns of Government from Left Democratic Front (LDF) in 2011 Assembly elections. Oommen Chandy is the convenor of UDF and consequently will assume the chair of Chief Minister of Kerala. He has been elected to Kerala Assembly from Puthupally Constituency since 1970.

Oommen Chandy in highly experienced political leader of the Congress Party. He served as minister in all key portfolios such as Finance, Home and Labour. He was opposition leader from 2006 to 2011 and lead the Congress party to sail through crucial Assembly elections in 2011. He is known as very clean politician with lot of integrity, simle life style and unique popularity in the people. More details of his personal and political life can be obtained from . Following is the brief profile of Oommen Chandy:

1. Name: Oommen Chandy
2. Date and place of birth: 31st October 1943; Kumarakom in Kottayam (District)
3. Father and Mother: Puthupally Karottu Vallakkalil K.O. Chandy and Baby Chandy
4. Education : BA, BL. (Studied at St George H.S Puthupally; CMS Kottayam and SB College Changanassery and B.L. from Law College Ernakulam)
5. Marital status: Married (Wife is Mariamma Oommen)
6. Number of Children: 2 daughters and 1 son (Maria, Achu Oommen and Chandy Oommen)
7. Office Address: Cantonment House, Vikas bhavan P.O, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 033. Phone: 0471 - 2318330 / 0471 - 2518155. Email:;
8. Important Positions held by Oommen Chandy:

a. State President Youth Congress
b. Member of Legislative Assembly (1st time in 1970 and went on winning 10 times till 2011 Assembly elections)
c. Minister for Labour
d. Minister for Home
e. Minister for Finance
f. Convener, UDF
g. Chief Minister of Kerala (31-08-2004 to 12-05-2006 )
h. Chief Minister of Kerala (2011 - 2016)

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14 thoughts on “Profile of Oommen Chandy- Chief Minister of Kerala

  1. basil

    In kerala the hospitals are not giveng propper salary to the nurses...The Bsc nurses are getting only 4500 who have experience above 4 years.The nurses spend above 4 lacks for ther studyes then they are getting this cheap salary.the cleaning staff is getting more salary than us..And we are facing lot of scolding foom the supperiors
    The bond is not legal but then also the all hospital are taking 2 year bopnd from the staff.and for breaking the bond 30000rs to be given....Why only low salary for only nusese???Why the Government is not looking after theis matter....Thats why all the nurses are trying to go outside kerala.....please make an enqury about this.....and about the manipulation and money cheating in the KUWAIT MOH exam


    1. hephzi

      This is exactly true, not only that in all other states nurses have to do 6-8 hours duty, but in kerala they have to workfor 12 hours... please do some thing for us sir...

  2. anton

    Sub:-Eka jalakam regarding.

    This is concerning many christian students from kottayam, kanjirappally, palai and chengannecherry. The CBSE students did not get admission in the colleges.The admissions are going on.Many applications were rejected. Some of the students with excellent results managed to approach the vice chancellor's office to gather the information. as per the report( verbal) the computer could not recognize the mark for CBSE students because the computer was fed only to identify the Book Keeping and accountancy marks .It did not consider the marks for the CBSE students Accountancy as it is not fed.So automatically the marks for accountancy is not taken by the computer. The CBSE students percentage mark came down as it did not include the Accountancy results.all these applications were rejected.

    Do we sit back and keep quiet and send our children to Bangalore Mysore,Coimbatore,Manipal and Hyderabad and make them "the new generation Children " at this age, when they need guidance and support from parents to mould their life. They all will work part time join the Pubbs and go with the flow.When we have so many christian colleges in kerala, where we can bring up our children in discipline in our colleges, why this unfair situation created. Could you please stand up and fight for our children could get more information from St antonys school kanjirappally, Fr.Nirappel,Fr.Jose puthen kaduppil or the Bishop house.It is unfair.We dont want to send our children outside kerala at this age.We need admission for our children in kerala.They have scored above 88%.please do some thing.
    The voice will not be heard until and unless through the media it is said
    The vice chancellors office received many complaints and they are just qiuet.

  3. Mini

    Dear Mr.chief minister,
    First I wanted to thank for being a great leader for Kerala. I wanted to request you a small help from your part.I am living in U.S.A with my family.We always visit our family every year. But when we reach the air port we face lots of difficult experience from the staff of airport. Also we have to spend and stand a long line in the airport.The employees does not want to do their job.The questions they asking is very stupid.You need to take into consideration to provide a better customer service.Because in U.S.A we don't have to stand long line,due to the efficiency and hard work of the staff.The second major issue is the waiting time on the road.We only get 21 days for the vacation.Half of the vacation time we spent in traffic jam.Everyone go for vacation complaint about these issues.I know as a chief ministeryou can make changes of these issues in Kerala and work for Gods own country

  4. Susan Thomas

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    My aunt is suffering a lot of troubles in her house. She is living with her husband, son and daughter in law. They all together are trying to send her out of the house, telling that they are not willing to meet her needs. She is a diabetic patient moreover a thyroid patient too. She needs medicine, diet foods and amenities like cooking gas and so on. They are farmers but really rich enough to lead a good life.
    We complaint it to the vanitha court and they send few police for the investigation. But her family bribe the investigators and they didn’t do anything. We have no money to find a lawyer. Please make awareness of the consequences that they need to face who is against the mom or a woman.
    Thank you for your time and concern


  5. Shiny

    Respected Sir,
    In Alutheman School kazhakuttom. Management asking bond Rs 10,000 from the teachers as they joining in the first time. But i got only 3,500 the salary. But i worked only 5 months in that school. After i left my school also i didnt get my bond Rs 10,000. Plz help me to buy that money.

  6. rijy

    respectd sir,
    Why there is no any actions on mullaperiyar issue.You are the chief minister of kerala and you are responsible for the safety of your people.Why you are waiting for Tamil Nadu's permission.Kerala owns mullaperiyar.Kerala have the right to build a new dam.Sir please stop discussions and give order to a new dam and save the life of people.Sir, now only discussions are going on ,no one is taking any action.Sir you are the only one who can do something. Please sir do something fastly.Otherwise lakhs of people are going to lose their life.


    Respected Sir,
    I am in Calicut I take treatment in RCC Trivandrum, earlier a reserved quata allowed in train, but Railway stop that quata. in this time traveling to RCC is without reservation is very tension please take an action this problem emmediately

  8. dr.jennifer mathew kovoor

    Respected sir, this is for your kind information that the government of tamilnadu has enforced the compulsory bond under NRHM scheme on all india quota candidates from 2011.When we had joined in 2009 the scenario was different and it was only for state quota. In this way around 200 keralite doctors are held up there and hence doctors who are already in kerala service and those who want to join kerala service are not able to do so as the tamilnadu government has abducted all our original certificates.kindly release the NRHM bond on all india candidates in kerala and bring us back to our state.Sir I have personally sent a letter to your address.kindly do the needful.


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