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The Government of Telangana has come out with revolutionary measures in the registrations department. The property registrations will be done by MROs (Mandal Revenue Officers) instead of Sub Registrars. The mutation power has been vested with Tahasildars and RDOs will not have any role in the mutation process. The new measures will come into practice soon.

Registrations: There are 141 sub registrar offices in Telangana. They will be continued and restructured with additional powers.

Tahasildars / MROs: There are 443 Tahasildar offices in the state. They will be responsible for registrations.

RDOs: Mutations powers of RDOs have been done away and the same will be entrusted to Tahasildars.

Pattadar Passbook:

The Government of Telangana has also decided to issue new passbooks with 26 additional details on it. The new passbooks will be issued from 26 January 2018. Urban land records also will be verified after January 2018.

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