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Uses of Permanent Employee Number (PEN) under Service and Pay Roll Administration Repository for AP (SARP)

Government of Andhra Pradesh is coming up with an innovative system that can be useful for all Government employees in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The entire system of employee management is going to be digitalized very soon through the software called ‘Service and Pay Roll Administration Repository for AP (SARP). The responsibility of realizing this has been given to Center for Good Governance (CGG). The National Informatics Centre (NIC) shall develop the software that suits to AP. The software is likely to be implemented in the Departments of Social Welfare and Commercial Taxes on an experimental basis from 1st April 2011 and can be extended to all the Government departments in a phased manner. This will make the entire employee management system transparent and accessible to employees. Following are the main uses of SARP system:

1. Every employee will get a unique Permanent Employee Number (PEN)
2. Government can avail complete details of any employee through centralized system
3. Complete transparency in the employee affairs
4. Accuracy in the calculation of salaries and allowances and payments to the employees
5. Universal applicability of rules and regulations to all employees
6. Maintain better employee relations and reduction of complaints on employees
7. Employees can check the details leaves, salaries, loans, GPF etc online.
8. Officers of All India Services can submit Annual Property Returns (APR) through online.
9. Issue of increments, leave salary, arrears bills, advances, loans, recoveries will become simple and transparent.
10. Computerisation of TDS payments will be possible. This will make issue of Form 16 to the employees simple and hassle free.
11. Employees can download their pay slips from website/ online.
12. Entry of future pensioners’ data will become much easier.
13. Issue of orders and administrative recommendations will become simple.
14. Govt. can estimate the burden on exchequer if decided to hike salaries, DA, allowances to employees. This will make speedy decisions possible on the part of the Government.

The software was successfully implemented in Kerala as ‘Service and Pay Roll Administration Repository for Kerala’ (SARK). Presently Kerala government is managing all the affairs of its 4 lakhs employees thorough this software only. Services ranging from grant of leaves to payment of salaries to employees have been made accessible through online. NIC has already developed this software in 2006. This can be adjusted to the requirements of the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

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