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Dharani Website for Land Records of Telangana State – Adangal, 1B, Pahani and Maps

The Government of Telangana will soon launch Dharani website, a new portal with all the land records. The website will be uploaded with all the new information of land records after the purification of records and re-survey of lands. The website is likely to be launched by the President of India or Prime Minister of India.

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Issue of New Passbooks

Apart from this, the TS Government has also taken several initiatives towards digitalisation of the lands information and revenue transactions. The Government will issue new pattadar passbooks to all the farmers across the state on 11th March 2018.

Registrations in MRO Offices:

The TS Government will be launching registrations in MRO offices as the new land records and data is available with them. Dharani website will have more security features to avoid misuse of land information. The data also will be used to implement Rs. 4000 input subsidy scheme to farmers.

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New Registration System

New land registration system will be commenced on 11 March 2018. The The Mandal Revenue Offices (MROs) would carry out the registrations as Tahsildars. There are 141 registration offices in the state and they will be continued with the existing functions.

Registrations in MRO Offices

MRO offices will serve registration functions where ever Sub Registrar offices are not available in the state. There are 443 such mandals in the state where Sub Registrar offices are not available and people have to travel for registrations. MRO offices will do registrations from Monday to Friday.

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